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This is a side return extension combined with a rear extension.
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Do you want to add some more floor space to your family home? Has your garage become a glorified storage space? If you’re looking to add an extension to your home, perhaps it’s worth considering converting your long misused garage into your dream space. With Berrell Building Contractors Ltd , you will receive expert advice and guidance as you look to convert your garage into a usable and beautiful living area.

There are many positives to choosing to convert your garage rather than building a brand new extension to your home. Firstly, compared to most extensions, garage conversions in Llanelli take minimal time and overall effort to complete. Converting your garage causes minimal stress and general upheaval to your life and property as you are choosing to repurpose an existing structure, rather than create a new one.

Garage conversions in Llanelli are also relatively quick and time efficient compared to larger renovations. As the structure already exists, it is often the case that a garage conversion can be started and completed within a week. By renovating your existing property to extend your inside space, you are also not losing any garden or outdoor space. Our exceptional team will take the time to lay out the plans for the space and collaborate with you on your requirements and specific needs. We take the time and care to ensure that every job that we undertake is carried out in the most efficient and professional mann

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Planning & Design

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and complete garage conversion service in Llanelli. From start to finish, we stay involved and help you through every step. From erecting the scaffolding to the finishing touches, we oversee every aspect of your build.

First and foremost, safety is key. We follow all building rules and regulations, making sure to take every potential risk into consideration. After you first contact us, our expert team will assess and inspect your property for the build ahead. This will include identifying any obstacles that could prevent the build from going ahead.

This section of the build will also involve our specialist design team collaborating with you to plan your extension. We will cover what you plan to use your space for and how we can adapt your new extension to your needs.

You will be assisted by a member of our staff with CAD experience (computer aided design). Everything that you may want or need will be discussed and worked into your plans before the build commences. This is to ensure that you are receiving everything from the build that you would want. Using our CAD facility also helps us to anticipate any potential problems that our team may encounter throughout the build. By doing this, we can ensure that your build runs on time and stays cost effective.

Before the build commences, our team will also cover important elements of the design of your conversion with you. Before building work begins, we are dedicated to helping you to realize your full vision through our CAD facilities. Every aspect of design for garage conversions in Llanelli will be thought out and considered, from the interior pipe work to the stair case.

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Before any physical work is carried out at your property, we will help you to appropriately inform your local authority on your intention to begin building work. With more complicated and complex conversions, we will submit a full design and plan to your local authority to confirm that all necessary checks and inspections have been undertaken, including fire safety and ventilation/insulation and electric and plumbing outlets. We will never begin a renovation without properly ensuring that your property is safe and within regulations.

All of our garage conversions in Llanelli are quality assured. No renovation will be carried out without the utmost care taken, so you can be certain that you are receiving the finest quality work from our tradesmen. We will cover everything from insulation, floor levelling, windows and doors and all electric and plumbing necessities. We carry out our work to be up to industry and legal standards, and will discuss any necessary changes or developments with you before work continues.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your garage conversion, contact us at Berrell Building Contractors Ltd . A member of our staff will be happy to help you.



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