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Single storey extensions in Llanelli

Expanding your home with single-storey extensions in Llanelli is a great way to gain more space and to connect with the garden.
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Single storey extensions

As the costs of moving are only going one way, more people are opting to improve and not move.

Single storey extensions are also a great option if you are looking for a large family-friendly open plan living space. As architect George Clarke states at the start of every episode of his hit series Old House, New home, ‘The way houses were built years ago, just doesn’t work for us today.’

How we use our houses and what we need them to be has changed. In the 21st century, a property needs to be a home, a place of work, a place to relax in and a place to entertain. Which is why open plan living has become so popular with today’s homeowners. Open plan spaces are perfect for entertaining, spending time with family and you can use one corner of it as work space if needed. Creating an open plan area frees up space in other parts of the house which could then be used as an office.

So, if you’re thinking of adding some square footage with a single storey extension to your home, read our guide below.

Side return Extensions

If you want a small single storey extension to your Llanelli property then a side return tends to be the most cost-effective option, however, you can gain more space than you think. A side-return extension makes use of space at the side of your house, this can give you a usable square space that is ideal for creating a good size kitchen dinner.

For some side-return extension ideas, take a look at our case study / project pages we recently completed a single storey side return in Llanelli. Built on a mid-terraced home, the project created a large open plan kitchen area, which opened up to the garden. To keep the space light, three skylights where installed into the roof of the extension and the owners decided to have an exposed brick wall, built by us, which gives the room character and an industrial feel.


Single storey rear extension Rear extensions & kitchen extensions

If you build a rear extension you will typically get a square or rectangle shape that is ideal for creating a large open plan space that can include a kitchen, dining area and possibly even a utility room. Rear extensions and kitchen extensions in Llanelli are similar, however, rear single storye extensions in Llanelli can be used for whatever you wish, while a kitchen extension is just well…for a kitchen. It is important to make the distinction as what you use the room for will dictate what work will need to be done in terms of eclectics and plumbing.

For some inspiration, take a look at a recent case study we completed in Llanelli. Built on a Victorian end of terrace home, this rear extension was built under permitted development and includes a large kitchen diner with bi-folding doors that open up into the garden, connecting both the inside and outside space. You don’t need a large home, a detached or semi-detached house to create a fantastic rear kitchen extension. This hoemowner utilised their rear extension to create an open plan living space this includes a kitchen, dining area and a relaxing lounge space the is ideal for enjoying a cup of tea and reading a book. We also managed to fit a utility room in an awkward area, maximizing the room to the full.



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Wrap-around extensions

We believe we offer the best experience and end product you can get.

If you really want to maximise space, then choose a wrap-around extension. This type of extension combines a side-return and a rear extension and can be done on many house types including semi-detached and terraced houses. Ideal for open plan living, a rear extension can be utilized to create a family living space which includes a kitchen, utility room and even a downstairs toilet.

We recently built a beautifully designed wrap-around extension in Llanelli. As part of this build, we created a light and airy kitchen dinner, which includes a living space and also reconfigured the existing space to create a nursery and refurbished a bathroom. As this family were expanding, we needed to stick to strict deadlines, which we managed to do.

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